• The Company:

    A dream that has been 53 years in the making.

    Kansas Speed and Performance is a privately owned and operated super center that caters to the high performance automotive industry with in house services that meets the needs of not just racers but the everyday person with the family car. With certified professionals there is no job to small or too big that we can't handle. Whether it be custom work or the typical everyday service you need we are here to help meet your needs with excellence.

    The Concept: 1,855,000 square foot of high performance wonder.

    This facility will sit on approximately 200 acres of land along side of I-70 in Kansas that will avail itself to the local area and the racers passing through kansas to race tracks in the surrounding areas. Along with being seen up front and locally known we will be servicing the tracks surrounding our local facility. If it is needed we will be able to provide airlift to those parts needed by racers at the track for special fee. We are making our company available to anyone and everyone where ever they are at.

    We sell, install, diagnose, test, design, create and manufacture processes and parts that help improve not just the racing industry but also the performance and gas mileage of your personal vehicles. We are constantly forward thinking of ways that we can help the everyday people cut expenses on their automobiles and save money.

    We have this old school mentality in a high tech world and that is meet the needs of the customers above and beyond what is asked for and they will take care of you and help your business prosper. Its just the simple. In our minds business was created to meet a need of the people it serves. However some think that money is the reason and that is not our motivation. While money comes out of the work we do our focus is set on meeting the needs.

    We are by no means the traditional service center who is there to provide you a service only to take your hard earned money to have you come back again to get something else done. Nor are we the place that will mess with your vehicle just so you will come back and get more work done.

    We have standards and principles we live by and uphold that to the highest level we can. If you looking for honor, integrity, excellence, effectiveness, and efficiency with a guarantee to back it up we are the business and people you are looking for.

    We believe it is time to give back to the people who have worked hard to get a good living by providing services that will last them not just six months or a year but years down the line with a healthy car for your transportation.

    If the auto manufacturers really cared about you the consumer they would have made cars that would give you fifty or more miles to the gallon on your fuel expenses.

    Its possible and we are learning and proving ways to get you that and more so that you can put your hard earned money to work in other ways.

    We provide you with a group of certified professionals who love what they do and do it well. If for any reason we do not fix the car right the first time for the same problem we then provide the service free of charge to get it right. We believe in excellence and want you to know it.

    Whether it is creating a part that will help your car run better or get your better gas mileage or simply give you first class service to maintain your vehicles performance you will get nothing but the best service and parts.

    In addition we provide services for building race cars for many of the motorsports known today as well as manufacture high quality parts that are better and lighter than the manufacturer that will last your longer then the original.

    With that being said we offer custom paint service, machine shop service, diagnostic services, engine and drive train dynometer testing, tuning specialists, wheels and tires and after market automotive parts for those of you that are muscle car fanatics.

    What ever the need for work to be done on your car whether for racing team or just your everyday driver we can handle it all with skilled service and prices that will make you happy you chose us for the job.

    We genuinely care that your car runs right because when your are happy so are we. I want to be absolutely clear about what I have said so that there is no misunderstanding. There are ethical businessmen and women who genuinely care about their customers and clients and you will know them by the way they do business.

    An ethical businessman or woman has your concern at hand. They genuinely want to help meet the need you have and if they are willing to do that you will know it. On the other hand those who are in it just for the money and I know all of the reasons why we need money and I have heard them all the bottom line to the unethical businessman or woman is that all they care about is themselves and how much money they have or don't have.

    So stop by our facility today and check us out, you will find some one who is genuinely interested in meeting your goals and doing it with excellence. So stop by once we open and find us friendly and helpful and what ever the automotive need is we can handle it and do it to your satisfaction. We aim to please you with our work.

    In summary the whole idea behind building this facility was to create an environment that people of like minds could work together in a place where team players made it work. The other side of the coin was that we would be able to offer our customers a place where they could get anything and everything for their cars done in one place, a one stop shop if you will.

    We hope that you will find this concept and the people who make it work an experience you will never forget and trust that we will do our very best to see to it that your automotive journey is a joy instead of a problem waiting to happen.

    Thank you for stopping by our site. Be sure to stop by our store and check us out. Until we meet thanks for stopping by.

    Owner / Operator

    Dean and Yolanda Moore and Crew.

  • This California car has come home to Kansas Speed & Performance

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    Built from the frame up on a precision crafted custom table that starts with chrome molly tubing and the passion to make it unique. 

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    We can build you the wildest customs on earth

  • About Us

    How We Got Started:

    My name is Dean Moore, and I am 68 years young and excited about bringing this facility together in Kansas. This is a long time dream and goal I have had since I was in my teens. I got my start with high performance cars or what some call muscle cars when I was 14. I was so very curious what made them perform and go fast.


    I just couldn't wait to get my hands on a car and break it down just to see how it worked. I started with my parents car but they were not too thrilled about that until they realize that I had an ability that was pretty much untapped. Something they had not seen from me before. Granted there are other ways but to me there was nothing like getting my hands dirty trying to figure things out.


    Once I knew I had the interest I found out that the high school I was attending was starting an automotive class that taught everything you wanted to know about a car and more. I joined it immediately.


    It started with the basics and then moved into the more serious kind of business - how to get better performance from your car and make it go faster. The class started out okay but later on the teacher was coming to work drunk and pretty much the class went down hill from there.


    I decided to take up my own study on what makes a car work and how to get better performance and power from your car.


    My very first car was a 1956 Chevy Belaire 2dr. coupe in forest green with black interior, with a 265 cubic inch V-8 motor, a 3 speed standard manual transmission, a Two Barrel carburetor and believe it or not a positraction rear end.


    That car was really nice and I wish I had it today. I have thought about finding another one in the future though. I am a car guy and there is nothing else to say.


    Anyway I worked on that car in the evenings and on the weekends. Did everything I could think of to make it go faster and handle better. And it did both until one day I got over zealous and crashed the car on a curve with sand on the road into concrete guard rail posts.


    That put a pinch in my plans for sure. I did not manage to get another car until after I was in the Navy in California. 


    There I had a 1957 Chevy convertible black and white two tone color exterior and white interior. However what it had under the hood was far more interesting.


    There was a 327 cubic inch Chevy block bored and stroked with a tunnel ram manifold and two Holley 750 cfm carburetors on top pushing about 700 horsepower at the wheels. This car was a real gem.


    Then came right after being discharged from the Navy with an honorable discharge I got a 1968 Plymouth Road Runner with a 440 and a 4 barrel carburetor on top running headers and fine tuned exhaust system that sounded mean. I put some 15x12 ' wide street tires on the rear and 14x8 street tires on the front. It really looked sweet.


    That car I lost in a dealer fire when one night the place was torched by some unscrupulous unknown people with a grudge against the dealer. Bad case of bad company - no lie.


    They tried to tell me that my car was destroyed in the fire however a witness told me they saw the car being towed away with just flat tires. The car looked like it missed the bullet altogether. I could have sued them for several things but didn't.


    Some times I wish I had. The car was there for a brand new clutch which they lied to me about and they were replacing it no charge to me which after squeezing them they finally agreed to. But that was short lived because the night before I was supposed to pick up the car the place was torched.


    My next car was and I admit a little ashamed to say after having muscle cars was a Chevy Corvair of all things with the 6 cylinder motor. Granted it got up and moved when you put your foot into it but there was no comparison.


    After that I had two 1967 Chevy Camaro's one a convertible and the other a hard top. Then came another one of my favorites a 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS with a 396 cubic inch motor running 375 horsepower built in Canada, 4 speed Muncie M-22 manual transmission with a custom Hurst shifter, one 4 barrel carburetor, cowl inducted hood real wide tires on front and rear and was fast.


    Everyone of my cars with the exception of one I turned into a power house getting exceptional gas mileage. I did a lot of street racing in those days and had a lot of fun and a few too many tickets too. It was now time to take my racing to the track and get serious about it.


    Lets face it I was born for this. Once it gets into your blood your hooked. So well now you know who is behind this large facility and the vision of it.

  • Born to Race a Quarter Mile

    The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush

    You Snooze - You Lose!

  • Divisions:

    Kansas Speed and Performance

    Concept: Grand Opening Coming Soon -

    At Kansas Speed and Performance L.L.C, our concept or providing service is simple. I don't know about you but have you ever gone to an auto shop to get some work done only to find out that they did not do the work there?


    We are by far the largest high performance automotive facility there is in the United States to help service the many kinds of high performance vehicles out there. We are not just servicing our local area but the nation too. We specialize in race cars, muscle cars, classic cars, vintage and your everyday driver.


    Are you a race team that needs parts fast or perhaps at a track in central US, we will get you the part no matter what it is same day for your racing needs.


    Need a facility that knows what they are doing when it comes to fixing your automobile we are the people to call. Have a special race car need talk to us before going any where else or come to us after you have called everyone else. Either way we are the people that can do the job and get it right.


    Like any work place if you don't see the workers excited about working there, there is something wrong. Passion is the crowning joy to doing the job with excellence and is the first thing you see at Kansas Speed and Performance L.L.C.


    Doesn't matter what you need done we can do it with excellence because we care about those we serve. It does not matter what the task is from replacing a light bulb in the trunk to servicing your fuel injection to rebuilding your transmission or even making parts that will help your car run better than it came out of the manufacturer. We can do it all.


    We cater to the whole automobile and everything about it and more. We are car fanatics who enjoy working on cars and seeing them perform. After 55 years of being consumed with auto performance, between working on them, developing new processes, racing cars, building cars and making them run more efficient we are still excited about working on cars.


    Over the years we have helped many get their cars running right and have given them better performance from even cars that are older. The working pieces of an automobile can be pretty daunting now a days because of technology and working on the car in your backyard has become a challenge because of the various technologies installed on new cars.


    From that black box under the dash, electronic ignition, to the various sensors, to just getting the car to run right, that is what we are all about. The auto manufacturer has made it more difficult to work on cars due to the fact your need special equipment to diagnose them and fix them.


    What ever the need we have specialists who are certified and qualified that can help you and give you the service you expect The trained service men and women will give you the understanding you need when you don't know what happened.


    So keep your eye open for the Grand Opening of Kansas Speed and Performance Center LLC, Salina, Kansas or call 785-241-8319 for information about our facility and find out what we can do for you.


    Thank you for stopping by our website. Hope to see you soon for an appointment to learn more about us.

    Retail Superstore: – 180,000 square feet

    We carry parts for street cars and race cars of all kinds.

    When it comes to providing you the parts or giving you the service you deserve we have what you need or can get it within a day.


    Need parts for the daily driver? stop by and we will get you fixed up. But if you are into performance driving we can help you with everything you need.


    Our technicians are very passionate first class auto repairmen and women who love what they do and do it with excellence. Do you need answers" We have them.


    Do you need a special part? If it is not available we can make it for you in our machine shop. If you need a special casting of an engine block for your race car we can make it for you. What ever the application we are here to serve you.


    We specialize in high performance cars for race applications or the street. Whether you have American muscle car, import super car, vintage auto, or classic auto we have the parts to help you get the job done.


    If you are thinking about restoring that old classic or vintage car we have the parts to help you or can get them in short time. We can install them for a modest price and do the job with excellence and care.


    Keep your eye on our blog for our grand opening date and stop by because we will be having some exciting giveaways that you will not want to miss.


    If we don't have the part in stock we will get if for you in short order. Cars are our business so come by or call us at 785-241-8319 and check us out. Thanks for reading our site.

    Muscle Cars For Sale: 75,000 square foot

    Personal and Consignment Vehicles or we might buy it outright and sell it as our own.

    We are building a showroom for restored muscle cars, vintage cars and classics to sell or resell on consignment basis. Working out deals with other businesses doing the same thing to take their overage and sell it through our dealer showroom.

    Installation Center: 30,000 square foot

    Need your parts installed and diagnosed, here is the place.

    When it comes to installing parts that we sell or help you with a part you have we have the facility to help you get it installed and running right.


    Have a new motor you want dyno-tuned and installed we have you covered. Need a new set of aluminum heads for your performance car we can not just provide the part but install it and get your car running at peak performance.


    And when the job is done if you want your overall car performance checked out ask us for a chassis dynometer run to check the full performance spectrum of your car.


    Whether is is installing new replacement parts or getting you custom made parts for a special applications. We can handle it all.


    From Brake jobs to front end alignments, from setting up new suspension parts to that special exhaust system you have been wanting for some time, from tuneups to changing fluids, from replacing a motor of transmission with a different one we are here to serve you. We can do so much more than we have time to list here.


    There is one thing we can assure you. If what you want to do is not safe or is not possible we won't waste your time. We will be upfront with you and tell you from the start.


    Our  qualified staff of certified professionals will take your car from start to finish and go the extra mile if necessary to make your car perform and function properly.


    Nothing is too hard for us so stop by and lets get started in showing you what we are capable of doing for you.

    Research and Development Center: 15,000 square foot

    Geared specifically towards better performance and gas mileage for the everyday driver to help cars last longer and go farther.

    There is no secret here for years people have been trying to find a way to get better gas mileage from their automobiles. But here is the truth most people don't know.


    Quote taken from Above Top Secret: "With gas prices close to $4 a gallon again in many areas, and a possible war with Iran looming, meaning gas prices could reach upwards of $7, the hunt for alternative fuels for vehicles has more than begun. The most common alternative for gasoline (aside from hybrids) is electric, with companies like Tesla Motors really getting the ball rolling. Their cars are incredibly expensive, but certainly make up for it in mileage: "


    Taken from the same article: "The EPA uses some formula, but the easiest thing to do is compare costs. It takes about 2¢ worth of electricity to drive one mile. At $2/gal, and getting 20 mpg, your present car would cost 10¢/mi. So that's 5X your present mileage. But the quoted figure is around 240mpg equivalent. That must be using other factors, too. "


    Truth is the government, lobbyist, oil companies want you to think this is a serious problem, but they are making a big deal out of nothing. The problem was solved a long time ago.


    And to add insult to injury there has been more than enough oil in Alaska and offshore the US for years. Also there are polymers that can extract oil from capped wells in the US. So why isn't someone doing something about it?


    Here is an article that will really make you think: Fuel - Efficient - Vehicles.org   -- http://fuel-efficient-vehicles.org/energy-news/?page_id=785


    Stereo typical response from Americans is wait for someone else to do it! If we all did that; nothing would get done.  Food for thought. We have rights but we don't exercise them. Many could make a difference just by speaking up but no one does. So are we gluttons for punishment? Or is something else going on? Its time for America to wake up.


    Electric cars are not the answer. There are still too many cons about them. Not to mention they won't work everywhere for long periods of time. As for solar cars and transportation what do we do when the sun doesn't come out? The storage needed to keep a vehicle running without the sun would make the car of vehicle a death trap from the gas given off by the batteries not to mention if the vehicle was involved in an accident.


    There are answers but do we really want them I guess is the real question. Please leave comments below and tell us what you think.

    Diagnostic & Tuning Center: 20,000 square foot

    Here is where experience and knowledge come into play.

    Feature a cutting edge facility that has all of the latest equipment and the most passionate associates I have ever worked with who love what they do and do it well. They much like me believe in doing business with excellence and are not afraid to put their name on the line to prove it.


    We have some of the best tuners in the world working for us who can work the magic on your cars, and they know just how to squeeze out more power and performance from your car. 


    We are also geared to getting your automobiles better gas mileage on those everyday drivers. So stop by during our grand opening and check us out.

    Machine Shop: 45,000 square foot

    Specialty Manufacturing High Performance Parts

    Here is where we excel in making new parts from high strength aircraft aluminum, titanium and high strength steel and stainless. We engineer parts to get your race cars better performance at the tracks.


    We also are developing parts and equipment to help your everyday drivers get better gas mileage and performance too. For prices and special orders please check with our retail store for more information during our grand opening.

    Engine Building Shop: 15,000 square foot

    Building Performance One Engine at a TIme.


    We build and dyno-tune every engine we manufacture for race car operations. We also can build you a car from the ground up to give you exactly what you are looking for in terms of performance, power and torque.


     Check us out at the retail store for more information during our grand opening.

    Chassis Building Shop: 60,000 square foot

    Here is where engineering and expertise come into play.

    We build cars from scratch whether it be a race car or concept car. Bring your plans to us and we will make it for you.


    With connections to a variety of manufacturers that make composite and carbon fiber bodies to working with sheet metal and fabricating the body from the ground up. No matter what the idea is we can do it.

    Custom Paint, Pin strip and Graphics: 85,000 square Foot.

    Custom paint for your race team / operation we are the people to call.

    When it comes to custom paint and graphic panels we have the best personnel on staff to handle your every need. Need body work done for the old barn find bring your work to us and we will handle it with the care your project needs.


    We paint race cars and hauler however we can do custom work for street cars domestic and import. Give us your design or sit down with one of our staff and create a design and we will do it to your satisfaction guaranteed.


    Need your muscle car redone no problem we are hear to meet your needs with excellence. Just give us a call after our grand opening and we will assist you with your project.

    Carbon Fibre and Composites Shop

    Manufacturing of Car Bodies and Accessories

    Here is where we create the carbon fiber and fiberglass car bodies, various body parts and accessories to build race cars with and kit cars. All parts are to the ISO standards that meet with the specs for the material used.


    Whether it is car bodies or wheels, or body panels or dash boards and consoles or speaker enclosures. Whatever the need if it can be built with Glass or Carbon Fiber we can do it.

    Manufacturing Shop: 65,000 square foot

    Need a special one off part for your vehicle or custom rod call us.

    We take our castings and mill them to our spec for our sales and distribution. However we can also mill to your spec's if you desire. Send us your spec's and we will give you a quote based upon the type of job you have. All work done through our facility is exclusively for our clients and we do not use specialty patterns for our sales and distribution.


    When it come to our work we mill engine blocks, heads, manifolds, brake parts, housings for alternators and starters and various other parts. We also have in house two water jet platforms to do automated cutting work up to 4" of steel and various other metals and materials. We work with and cut Lexan, Carbon Fiber not to mention Fiber glass and other materials.


    We are capable of doing custom work for our clients upon application and quotation based once again upon the number of the run.

    Resto Shop: 45,000 square foot

    Restore, Recondition, Reclaim that Classic or Vintage Car

    Rebuilding vintage or classic and high performance automobiles is an art that has been slowly dwindling. There used to be hundreds of people doing that however like anything else if a person does not have a passion for something most likely they won't pursue it. We need to
    preserve the heritage of the automobile. Tell us what you think on a blog page. 

    Distribution Center: 1,000,000 square foot

    We serve our channel partners with all of the parts and technology available.

    A one million square foot building for distributing high performance auto parts to  dealers and retail outlets and race tracks. This aspect of the business would cover the central or heart of the United States and anywhere in the world via the internet.


    There are virtually hundreds of thousands of brands available from various manufacturers both import and domestic.


    We would have most every manufacturer of high performance parts there is plus your standard parts for your everyday driver. We would be selling our own specialty parts manufactured for improving your gas mileage and overall performance.

    The Foundry: 250,000 square foot

    Do you need special castings for your race car - call us.

    This area is used for creating various parts ranging from engine blocks to any and all parts associated with the components necessary to make the engine work and perform under various applications from your everyday
    automobile to the hard core racing industry.


    We are a green sand foundry utilizing the latest equipment and technology producing high quality and grade of air craft aluminum race car engines and performance parts for the industry.  We also work with Monel, Inconnel, and titanium.

    Our quality control guarantees the highest quality of excellence that can be afforded. Our goal is always excellence in workmanship and made in the USA with the pride that makes our products sell more. If it does not pass
    our quality control you will never see it on the shelf or in your hands.

    We use the highest quality aircraft aluminum in making the parts that are used in racing applications as well as the everyday driver that the family uses and depends upon. Because of this approach to manufacturing and quality control we are gradually becoming Americas number one place to get those high performance parts.


    We can do specialty work on application depending upon the amount of the run. If you have a project and would like for a consultant to speak with you we would be glad to set up and appointment with a certified representative that will assist you with your particular needs.

  • RacIng Organization

    National Hot Rod Association

    NHRA: World's largest auto racing organization:



    When Wally Parks founded the NHRA in 1951, he worked to get racing off the city streets and highways and into safer, organized venues. He wanted NHRA to provide guidance to timing clubs and tracks. Soon, NHRA was hosting national events, as tuning cars became a hobby rather than just a necessity.


    While the grassroots racing organization has come a long way in 60 years of operation, there are some things that will never change. NHRA fans continue to have the best access to the behind-the-scenes action of racing. Fans are privy to an up-close and personal view of teams rebuilding engines in less than 75 minutes between elimination rounds. Drivers are often found in their pit areas, signing autographs and chatting with fans. That is just one reason why NHRA fans continue to be some of the most loyal of any sport.


    NHRA is all about diversity. With more than 20 categories of competition, including Top Fuel, Funny Car, Pro Stock, and Pro Stock Motorcycle at the Professional level, to a multicultural array of high-octane personalities it calls world champions, NHRA thrives on unique competitors accomplishing unique achievements. For example, in 2008, Hispanic racer Cruz Pedregon won the NHRA Funny Car world championship, and Ashley Force Hood and Melanie Troxel became the first female winners in the Funny Car class. There are more than 40,000 licensed NHRA drivers that compete at 130 NHRA member tracks around the country.


    NHRA has thousands of members and a strong network of member tracks throughout the nation that support countless events hosted by NHRA. NHRA is moving just as fast in popularity with auto racing fans. Second to only NASCAR in terms of attendance, fan appeal, and sponsorship commitment, NHRA is moving quickly into mainstream America. Have you ever felt what it is like to be hearing the sound of 10,000 horsepower pounding the ground in 3 plus seconds? If not your missing something.


    NHRA, the largest motorsports sanctioning body in the world, also is an active member of the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) and actively works with the SFI Foundation to promote safety in competition and the high-performance aftermarket industry. NHRA also is drag racing’s representative in international motorsports through its membership in the Automobile Competition Committee for the United States (ACCUS). Participation on and off the track has made the NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series one of the most popular forms of racing, reaching thousands of fans, members and sponsors at 300 mph. Now that’s going on Yello.


    International Hot Rod Association

    IHRA: Is one of the fastest growing drag racing organizations today.


    The IHRA was formed in November 1970 by businessman Larry Carrier. Throughout this period the organization was operated primarily in the south-eastern United States from its headquarters in Bristol, Tennessee. The IHRA initially followed the NHRA's professional class structure of Top Fuel, Funny Car and Pro Stock until the 1984 season when it decided to drop the premier Top Fuel category, an arrangement that only lasted three years before the class was reinstated for the 1987 season. Carrier is also credited with initiating drag racing's long-term sponsorship association with the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company's Winston brand, which has ended.


    IHRA headquarters briefly moved to Waco, Texas in 1988 after it was purchased by Texan racer and track operator Billy Meyer who made many changes to the organization, some of which proved controversial amongst racers such as completely restructuring the sportsman classes overnight. Another radical change came as a result of Meyer's ownership of the Texas Motorplex, considered then to be the premier drag racing facility in the world. The Motorplex had previously been the NHRA's flagship track but for 1988 it hosted two IHRA national events and was the site of Top Fuel's first 4 second run by Eddie Hill. Other changes included the addition of a 'junior' Pro Stock class for small-block and V6 engines, named Factory Modified, which lasted until the end of the 1990 season. However, financial failure meant that Meyer's reign lasted just one year before the association was again sold on.

    In 1990 an all new class, Pro Modified, was introduced which has since become a feature at IHRA events and has become one of drag racing’s most successful classes enjoying popularity in both North America and Europe. During this period Pro Modified became the IHRA's main asset in its recovery from the 1988 season that had nearly destroyed it.

    However, the nitromethane powered Funny Car class was dropped for the 1991 season only to be reinstated for 1992 before being dropped again, not to return until 2006. In 2009 IHRA dropped the funny car class again due to sponsor problems caused by a deep recession in the American economy.


    In addition to tracks in 30 states in the continental United States, IHRA oversees tracks in Canada, Hawaii, and Aruba. Despite the "international" in its name the IHRA was for years based solely in the United States. However, in recent years the organization has made significant inroads north of the border. The IHRA's first major event in Canada was a one-off in 1992 at Toronto Motorsports Park in Cayuga, Ontario but it wasn't until later in the decade that Canadian events became the regular fixtures they are today.

    National Muscle Car Association

    National Muscle Car Association - Changing To Fit The Need:


    When the Power Rangers first appeared on Saturday morning TV, kids were mesmerized by the idea of seemingly normal adolescents who could do extraordinary things. With the cry, "It's morphing time!" they would call upon hidden powers to battle for justice and thus become super heroes.


    Street-legal drag racing once had much of the same appeal. Fans at an event would watch in awe as "normal-looking" street machines did things that one wouldn't expect. Hard, tail-dragging launches with front bumpers that reached for the sky were followed by mad dashes for the finish line with cars that seemed barely in control. Astonished faces usually followed every run, not only because the cars made it to the shutdown area without crashing, but also because of the incredible times and speeds posted in the process. These street cars had morphed, indeed, and it was a phenomenal thing to witness.


    Since those magical times in the early-to-mid-'90s, street-legal racing has continued to morph and has taken us far from those early beginnings. Much of the same can be said for the National Muscle Car Association (NMCA), which has changed hands several times over in its own right. Street-legal racing will begin the '02 season, however, with a dramatically new look and feel as some new hands take over the NMCA helm.


    A Long, Strange Trip


    When street-legal racing first appeared on the national radar screens of the musclecar press, it was mostly widely known as Pro Street. In the '80s, this rather nebulous term was associated more with cars that had more show than go as commonly found on Saturday night cruises or drive-ins. The name was later embraced by others whose seriously modified machines would take the chance at illegal street races, but could still pass a cursory police inspection for proper street equipment. The ability to out-muscle anything on the street without showing your hand was the big name of the game and the advent of nitrous oxide enabled many to play that game well.


    As the legend of these cars grew, track promoters, manufacturers, and even more racers wanted to play. The Russ Smeltniks-led NMCA provided such an opportunity by organizing and promoting these events at national-event caliber tracks east of the Mississippi. The idea of having a race to determine the Ten Fastest Street Cars in America was launched with great fanfare by the press and was eventually contested at the season ending event at Memphis every year. By the end of the '95 season, this one event had grown to the point that it began to rival many IHRA and NHRA national events among insiders.


    ided by the high-flying economy of the late '90s, street-legal racing quickly grew, which prompted corporate America to see NMCA as a plum ready to be picked. In late 1997, it was announced that NMCA would be bought out by Petersen Publishing (then-producers of Hot Rod, Car Craft, and Chevy High Performance). Exit Popular Hot Rodding's involvement with NMCA! Petersen, in turn, was itself bought by British publishing giant EMAP just a year later. What once was a small sanctioning body that was close to the racer became part of an international media group that was expected to produce immediate profits.


    This led to some controversial decisions, which prompted a group of former NMCA principals and racers to form the rival National Street Car Association (NSCA). In the midst of all this, the Fun Ford Weekend and National Mustang Racing Association (NMRA) series were riding high with the popularity of the 5.0L Mustang. The result was an over supply of events and not enough racers or corporate sponsors. With the situation exacerbated by a rapidly weakening national economy, rumors began circulating in 2000 that both NMCA and NSCA were in a crisis with the future of street-legal racing being uncertain.


    Re-Inventing The Wheel


    While a number of factors combined to lead street-legal racing to a weakened state, there appeared to be little hope on the horizon without a strong sanctioning body to lead the way. By the end of 2001, corporate consolidations put NMCA on the auction block. Among the interested parties was industry insider Dale Van Houten, who saw an opportunity at hand.


    "When I became aware that the National Muscle Car Association may be put up for sale, I called my partner Jim Vance and told him that we ought to take a look at this," Dale said. "I had been involved in bringing sponsors to NMCA and wasn't very happy with the way things were being handled. Yet, if we were going to be critical of it, then we should also be able to figure out a way to put it back on the map all together. After that, I talked with Tony DePillo from the National Street Car Association (NSCA) and he suggested that we talk about bringing the two organizations back together. From that point on, it all really began to make a whole lot of sense."


    "Russ Smeltniks and Ron Coleman made the original NMCA successful," Dale continued, "by focusing on what they were doing, but through a lot of fighting, arguing and a mis-match of classes between the two organizations, we saw the risk of this form of racing just going away. Our most important function is to make street-legal drag racing successful."


    Part of that task was to determine how to staff the new NMCA. Although some had thought that the splinter NSCA group would never be able to compete against the corporate-backed NMCA, they survived for four years despite being beset early on with ownership problems. Even so, the under-capitalized organization developed a loyal following, thanks in no small part to the efforts of Tony DePillo, Patrick Budd, and Missy Fletcher, who retained their positions within the new NMCA organization.


    "It was kind of like watching your daughter getting married and leaving home," said Tony DePillo in retrospect, "There were some really poor choices made by the old NMCA and that's part of the reason why NSCA spun off in the first place. Racers weren't given any regard, classes were thrown away, and no attempt was made to come up with an equitable solution. Yet, when we sat back and thought about coming back together again, it was probably the best situation for everyone concerned."


    When asked what they would have to be successful in 2002, Tony paused for a moment and answered saying, "Success can be measured in several different ways. Financially, it's going to be important, but I don't think anyone has any unrealistic expectations. Dale Van Houten, Jim Vance, and I have a commitment here, but we're not about to throw our arms up if it's not in the black during the first year. We have an advantage in that we're not a totally new organization and we do have an established track record. We're looking to please the racers, satisfy the sponsors and putting a good product out there. If we can accomplish this, then the monetary rewards will come."


    Ready For The Road


    Just after the Performance Racing Industry Show, held in Indianapolis in December 2001, the new NMCA announced a tentative, 10-race schedule dubbed as the "Super Series," which was slated to begin in February 2002 in West Palm Beach, Florida. While putting together a comprehensive schedule with sponsorship and a full contingency program on short notice
    was an accomplishment in its own right, finding a way to combine the 8 different eliminators from the old NMCA series with the 13 different NSCA classes looked to be an even more daunting task.


    After a careful review of both programs, the decision was made to start the '02 season with a full plate of 15 different classes, in addition to a bracket program. Broken down, the Super Series will have classes for both professional and sportsman-level competitors. This will range from a Pro Street class for nitrous, outlaw, and nostalgia cars to four different classes for 10.5-inch-tire cars along with several different street and musclecar classes. Nostalgia Super Stock, Pro Nostalgia, and an E.T. Bracket program will also be contested at each event. Having such a broad offering will not only give fans the most for their money but also allow the racers to determine which classes they want based on the number of entries each eliminator receives.


    "Having a Pro Street and Super Street show will put fans into the seats, which will allow us to pay more money for some of the other classes, but our emphasis will be the mid-level on down street-legal classes," Van Houten said. "When we combined the organizations, our goals were to not eliminate anyone from having the opportunity to race and to allow racers to adapt their cars to the new common rules for as little money as possible. We probably have too many classes right now and we'll probably pare these down to about 9 or 10 in the coming years. We know, however, that when we start thinking that we're going to dictate the rules and then they're going to have to live with it, then we'll be gone. It's the racer's series and, with these rules, people at various levels of experience can race and have an opportunity to move up."


    Even more important than the schedule and rulebook, however, will be getting for the NMCA to get the media attention the racers and sponsors deserve. In recognition of that, the NMCA/NSCA Super Series announced a full slate of TV coverage which will be shared between SpeedVision and TNN. In addition, broad coverage from the motorsport industry's best known publications in 2002 will provide the best media coverage that street-legal racing has ever seen.


    "You can't be successful with this kind of venture without a significant amount of editorial exposure and Primedia has committed to do that for all of the racers and manufacturers," Van Houten said. "Statistics show that 60 percent of all drag racers aren't members of either the IHRA or NHRA, so there never has been a true championship point's series that really brought this all together. There's really no other place where people can drag race and get the kind of national media attention that they will get with us."


    Shaking It All Out


    Even with a well thought out marketing and media plan, street-legal racing's Super Series may not be able to go back completely to the good old days since the sport has morphed and changed greatly since its beginning.


    For example, many of the early Pro Street cars from 10 years ago were all steel, back-halved cars with stock front suspensions and functioning lights, turn signals and horns. Some even included fully upholstered interiors, factory glass, stock dashboards and power windows. The earliest rules even required each car to have factory VIN numbers along with current state license plates and registrations. Many of these things were pitched by the wayside, however, as times and speeds increased to the 6.70-second, 210-plus-mph numbers seen in Pro Street today. Full tube and then SFI 25.1C-certified chassis were required not only in Pro Street, but also the quickest 10.5-inch-tire classes as well.


    While no one advocates a step backwards in the construction of these cars for obvious safety reasons, the word was prior to the '02 season that the Super Series would look to reinstate the requirement that some of the cars in these categories would be required to successfully complete a 25-mile cruise at more than one event to demonstrate their streetability prior to qualifying. In the past, this was usually only done at the season-ending Top Ten Fastest Street Car competition.


    Another challenge facing the Super Series is the need to attract later model street cars to keep it from becoming nothing but a retrospective musclecar series. Classes such as EFI and Real Street offer a real opportunity for owners of late model modular Mustangs, C4 and C5 Corvettes, Dodge Vipers and LS1 Camaros and Firebirds to break into national event caliber drag racing.


    Non-traditional musclecars and front-wheel-drive sport compacts, such as six-cylinder Mustangs/Camaros, the Ford SVT Lightning, the 345hp Cadillac Escalade, Ford SVT Focus or even the Honda Civic Si have had a history of success within various street-legal classes in NMCA. The new Super Series will encourage new blood from these areas while looking at
    adapting rules where necessary to help make street machines like these competitive.


    Changes like these, along with the new NMCA Super Series and the absence of established stars such as Tony Christian and Bob Rieger, will no doubt change the look of street-legal racing as we have come to know it. Yet, the appeal of having a car or truck that can run quicker and faster than anybody thinks it should still has a universal appeal. That bodes well for performance enthusiasts everywhere, and NMCA has morphed to fit the model.


    Professional Drag Racers Association

    Professional Drag Racing Association - Official 1/8 th mile drag racing:

    The PDRA was founded in 2014 and is a very young organization as a whole but it is made up of an elite group of racers committed to bringing credibility and stability to the sport of 1/8 mile drag racing. Jason Scruggs, Tommy Franklin, Gene Hector, and Roger Henson started the PDRA to preserve a viable door-slammer series that would benefit the fans, marketing partners, racers, and all those affiliated with the professional drag racing industry.


    The PDRA has over 200 professional race teams poised and ready to compete for Championships in their respective classes. This Championship tour will include stops in major markets like: Memphis, TN; Dallas, TX; Tulsa, OK; Bradenton, FL; St. Louis, MO; Martin, MI; Budds Creek, MD; Benson, NC; Dinwiddie, VA., and the historic Rockingham Dragway in North Carolina. We’ve also had great interest from, and plan expansion in other great parts of the country. Tracks in Redding, Pa; Norwalk, OH; and Shreveport, LA have also expressed interested in having the PDRA come to their facility for an event.


    The PDRA philosophy is based on honesty, hard work, and the pursuit of excellence in every facet of the sport. We are looking forward to a very successful campaign for many years to come.


    The PDRA will race at least 10 events in 2015, while providing exciting, entertaining, and safe races for the quickest professional drag racers in the country.


    Our goals are to ensure that our fans experience the greatest racing on the planet, our racers will have the safest and best prepared tracks to compete on, and that our marketing partners are guaranteed the most cost effective return on investment possible.


    National Street Rod Association

    NSRA - The National Street Rod Association:


    The National Street Rod Association was created for those who love high performance street cars that are run strictly on the streets. These can be muscle cars, vintage dealer cars that had high performance options when they were made straight from the dealer on special order and some times the dealer would order them for sale.


    I knew a friend of mine that purchased a brand new 1962 Chevy Impala with a 327 cubic inch motor with dual four barrel carburetors, 4 speed manual transmission, convertible with positraction rear end. That car was beautiful with red and white interior and exterior looking fine.


    Anyway this organization is for those of us who like to get together and share our passion for the muscle car and street rod. These could be dated from the twenties and thirties right on up to today. The have local chapters with annual events all over the country here in the US.


    For more information about this organization go here: http://www.nsra-usa.com/

    Circle Dirt Track Racing

    There are three basic kinds of circle track racing. Nascar, oval and dirt which is done on asphalt or combination of asphalt and concrete, then there is sprint car racing generally done on dirt tracks that can get real loose and all over the place and then there is the open wheel dirt track racing that can be either on dirt or asphalt depending upon the track.This kind of racing is left hand turn most of the time and is really very fast and extremely exciting to watch. This kind of racing can be one of the cheapest way to race now a days.


    Oval Track Racing



    Oval track racing is a form of closed-circuit automobile racing that is contested on an oval-shaped track. An oval track differs from a road course in that the layout resembles an oval with turns in only one direction, almost universally left (counter-clockwise orientation). Oval tracks are dedicated motorsport circuits, used predominantly in North America. They often have banked turns and some, despite the name, are not precisely oval, and can have unique variances in shape.


    Oval track racing is the predominant form of auto racing in the United States. According to the 2013 National Speedway Directory, the total number of oval tracks, drag strips and road courses in the United States is 1,262, with 901 of those being oval tracks and 683 of those being dirt tracks. Major forms of oval track racing include stock car racing, open-wheel racing, sprint car racing, modified car racing, midget car racing and dirt track motorcycles.


    Among the most famous oval tracks in North America are the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Daytona International Speedway. Notable ovals in other countries include Rafaela in Argentina, Motegi in Japan, Lausitzring in Germany, the Calder Park Thunderdome in Australia, Brooklands and Rockingham in the United Kingdom, Monza in Italy, and Montlhéry in France.


    Dirt Track Racing:


    Dirt track racing is a type of auto racing performed on clay or dirt surfaced oval tracks. It began in the United States before World War I and became widespread during the 1920s and 30s. Two different types of race cars dominated—open wheel racers in the Northeast and West and stock cars in the South. While open wheel race cars are purpose-built racing vehicles, stock cars (also known as fendered cars) can be either purpose-built race cars or street vehicles that have been modified to varying degrees.


    Dirt track racing is the single most common form of auto racing in the United States. There are hundreds of local and regional racetracks throughout the nation, some estimates range as high as 1500. The sport is also popular in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United Kingdom.


    Nascar Racing:


    The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) is a family owned and operated business venture that sanctions and governs multiple auto racing sports events. It was founded by Bill France, Sr. in 1948 and as of 2015, the CEO for the company is his grandson Brian France.[1] NASCAR is motorsport's preeminent stock car racing organization.[2] The three largest racing series sanctioned by this company are the Sprint Cup Series, the Xfinity Series, and the Camping World Truck Series. The company also oversees NASCAR Local Racing, the Whelen Modified Tour, the Whelen All-American Series, and the NASCAR iRacing.com Series. NASCAR sanctions over 1,500 races at over 100 tracks in 39 of the 50 US states as well as Canada. NASCAR has presented exhibition races at the Suzuka and Motegi circuits in Japan, the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez in Mexico, and the Calder Park Thunderdome in Australia.[3]


    NASCAR's official headquarters are located in Daytona Beach, Florida, although it also maintains offices in four North Carolina cities—Charlotte, North Carolina; Mooresville, North Carolina; Concord, North Carolina; and Conover, North Carolina.[4] Regional offices are located in New York City, Los Angeles, and Bentonville, Arkansas while international offices are located in Mexico City and Toronto. Additionally, owing to its Southern roots, all but a handful of NASCAR teams are still based in North Carolina, especially near the city of Charlotte.


    NASCAR is 2nd to the National Football League among professional sports franchises in terms of television ratings in the United States.[5][not in citation given] Internationally, its races are broadcast in over 150 countries.[6] In 2004, NASCAR's Director of Security stated that NASCAR holds 17 of the Top 20 regularly attended single-day sporting events in the world.[7] Fortune 500 companies sponsor NASCAR more than any other motor sport,[8] although this has been in decline since the early 2000s.[9]


    Drag Racing Association for Women

    Drag Racing Association for Women:


    The Drag Racing Association of Women (DRAW) is a non-profit organization

    that provides financial and emotional support to qualified individuals involved in drag racing accidents at a track. From 1985 through 2014, DRAW provided a total of $4,055,442 in financial assistance to 799 racing families. In 2013, financial assistance totaled $112,000. Anyone, including racers, team owners, sponsors, track owners, manufacturers, fans and more can become involved in DRAW. DRAW has remained strong throughout their existence due to the generous participation of volunteers and donors who loyally support them. DRAW's motto is "Fast Help For Fast Friends!"

    Celebrating 30 Years of Service to the Drag Racing Community


    Drag Racing Association for Women, was officially organized in 1985 following a successful 1984 fundraiser for injured racer, Shirley Muldowney. Members of the drag racing community who handled the recovery fund were very encouraged by the support of racers and fans that generously donated. The question was posed. If we can help one racer, why not organize our efforts to help all injured drag racers? As a result, DRAW, a non-profit 501(C)(3) charity organization was created to provide financial and emotional support to individuals involved in drag racing accidents at a track.

    Membership is Open To Everyone!

    Our Name

    Drag Racing Association of Women, honors our ten female founders, Gere Amato, Penny Beck, Holly Beadle, Laura Earwood, Pat Garlits, Etta Glidden, Diane Hedrich, Linda McCulloch, Janie Oswald and Lynn Prudhomme. DRAW is not just for women, though. Our membership is open to men, women and even children and all members have equal privileges. DRAW membership dues are $30 (US Funds only) for Individual Membership, or $50 (US Funds only) for a Family Membership (two or more family members). Members receive a DRAW membership card, decal and the monthly newsletter, DRAWing

  • Race Team

    Meet The Team

    We will share more on this as the team gets assembled. The aspects of the team are the owner, crew chief, various mechanics such as engine tech, induction tech, brakes and suspension tech, transmission and clutch tech, wheels and tires tech and gophers which do all of the mundane work that keeps the car working properly.


    You will get more information about the members and their background later once they are hired and assigned. Stay with us on our journey to championships in the NHRA, IHRA, PDRA and the NMCA. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to stay tuned as we grow into a viable force.

  • Welcome to our blog and stay tuned to updates and achievements.


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    Phone Number: 1-785-241-8319

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Neither the course of conduct between the parties nor industry trade practice shall act to modify any provision of this Agreement.

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Contra Preferentum

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Should any part of these Terms of Service and Conditions of Use be held invalid or unenforceable, that portion shall be construed as much as possible consistent with applicable law and severability shall apply to the remaining portions, so that they remain in full force and effect.

This Agreement Prevails

To the extent that anything in or associated with our website is in conflict or inconsistent with these Terms of Service and Conditions of Use, these Terms of Service and Conditions of Use shall take precedence.


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Our rights under these Terms of Service and Conditions of Use shall survive any termination of this agreement.
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