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Our Trip to Kansas to find a House.
Our Trip In July 2015,
We left on the 11th and got there on the afternoon of the 12th. The hotel we stayed in was great rooms were clean and service was above status quo. While we were there we found our house and presently under contract and we found land for Kansas Speed and Performance. We were also approved for a
sanctioning from the IHRA race organization and we are looking for land for that project.
It seems that a large track running under the NHRA has been in turmoil lately and they are hoping to
sell the track to someone who will keep it as a racetrack. They think they have found a buyer from Minnesota, as of yet we are not sure how that is going to work out.
We called the bank there in Topeka were the track is found and they have not responded. So it seems that they are not interested in taking any more calls about the track. I guess we will know when next season gets started.
While we were in Kansas we found an architectural firm and believe that they are the ones we will use. We will be building green and the facility will be self sustaining. All power, water, sewage treatment will be handled within the facility.
We found this solar system made by of all people Tesla and it has very high ratings and can be build up to power a whole city. Elom Musk has plans for a Giga wyatt factory which will be able to power up the entire US, if he can get past the power companies. 
You can get these solar system storage cells from Tesla for about $3,200.00 to run at your home
and they are capable of running your entire home off the grid.
So far so good things will start moving forward after the first of the year in 2016. We will keep you up to date as things move forward. Thanks for stopping by and reading our blog.
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