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Kansas Speed & Performance LLC

We are not just about speed but performance too.

Our Humble Beginnings
We are leaving on July 12th, 2015 to go and find land along i-70 for use to establish the business of Kansas Speed & Performance and Heartland Performance Center. With all of the facets of the business to deal with the amount of land necessary to accommodate this project is approximately 150 acres give or take some. Our Real Estate Broker and the city of Salina have already told us that there is land there and a service road in place that will make it easy to get access to the facility.
We are praying that we will have great success and favor in all aspects of this undertaking. Please keep us in your prayers as we go forward with this project.  Thank you and many blessings from the Lord Jesus Christ for your humble obedience to pray for your brethren in the world.
Not Just Race Cars
Kansas Speed & Performance Center is not just about race cars, however we are interested in giving back into the community with affordable parts and services to help the everyday driver get better performance and gas mileage.
We have a group of people that will be doing research and development of ways to make our cars go further and use less gas. While these things have been exploited already by others it is unfortunate that the US government has soon after their conception shut them down.
That issue alone violates a persons right to free enterprise and free speech. We intend to start by making some things right by seeing to it that this country works for the people and not against them by giving them the products and technology that will helps us utilize our resources better and be better stewards of what we have. We believe the people need to know that better gas mileage is not only possible but is available to each person today. Stay tuned to our site for more information about this and other things we believe will be very informative.
Not Just Another Service Center:
Our goals started out trying to make cars perform better and get better gas mileage. That is still my heart today. I live around people who want to get better gas mileage. After all at the prices we have to pay today you would think someone would not just complain about it and there are enough of those people but someone would pick up the torch and create something that will give us better gas mileage even if the auto manufacturers won't.
Between the auto manufacturers and the big oil companies it seems like they are more concerned about their bottom line then the people they serve and that needs to stop somewhere. We have the right to free enterprise and the right to execute those privileges. After all isn't that the American dream.
We have the oil in the US and even in Alaska however due to lobbyists between the oil companies and the auto manufacturers they don't seem to want to help us. Really these statements are no secret. There are a lot of people who know.
When we go from 19 cents a gallon to over whatever the price is today in the world it seems like over inflation and robbery due to greed and big business. No no no a thousand times no. But who cares???
We intend to produce parts that you can use on your vehicles that will not only help improve your performance and gas mileage but give you longer lasting parts. Now coming from a parts organization that is not what you would expect. And why because we care.
Performance and Driver Reaction Response the Keys.
As a racer myself I have learned to keep my mind free from worry and all of the comments and pressure. Racing has to do with ones ability to focus and run your own race. Who is beside you does not matter because most of the time if you are thinking about the other guy you focus is not where it needs to be.
Your response to the drag tree and shifts points and maintaining the handling of the car by keeping it in the center of the track and in what is called the groove takes focus and attention to detail. Letting your competition get into your head is a triple play no - no - no.
Knowing how to tune the engine of a race car is another thing. The place to start is not the race track but the dynometer. Before the driver ever gets into the car to go down the race track system tuning is absolutely everything.
The flow of the system from the induction system through the heads into the motor is key. Few people understand the dynamics of flowing manifolds and heads. To win you have to play around with castings and then have someone who knows flow dynamics.
That person can look at angles under pressure or what is called under a load. When you start talking about horsepower and rpm's the higher the rpm's the more gas and fuel is needed to get into the motor at just the right time or shall I say timing. While this is generally understood getting it to work is a whole other thing.
Air temperature and altitude play a part in how the engine performs and gets down the track. The track temperature plays a part in how the power, suspension and tires play into the equation. The two fastest tracks in drag racing are Englishtown, New Jersey and Houston, Texas. The reason for that is both tracks are the lowest sea level positions of all of the tracks.
Another aspect of drag racing is the gear ratios use and the syspension setup. The Pro Stock car uses the four link suspension setup and those things can get loose on your some times. However gear ratios can play a big part when it comes to the track temperature and getting the power to the start line. The gears used on the high end of the track and the flow of air and fuel moving through valve train into the motor play a big part of the power at the other end.
When it comes to the race track each one has different surface conditions you need to consider. The condition of the track and how well it is maintained counts a lot. A track that is heavily used surface due to a lot of races can get pretty beat up and marred. The necessity for the track to be maintained by scrapping the track to resurfacing the track gives the race car a better chance to run better.
When that track has waves and bumps in the track that slows the cars down and causes the car to move around on the track and that is when the driver has to drive the car through those conditions. A driver has it a whole lot easier when all he or she has to do is just go from a to z doing what he or she needs to do just to race the car.
The track that is level and has a clean surface and has the coolest temperatures on race day is the optimal place to race. However reality is not always perfect so you need to adjust to various conditions that make racing more of a challenge.
So when it comes down to the wire on race day experience and driver alertness is the bottom line.
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